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About Us

CMA Press is an extension of Creative Music Adventures, a music school in Seattle, WA. Founded in 2003, we have challenged ourselves to develop methods and community through creativity and quality. We have a wide range of students from beginning to advanced in all age groups. After years of teaching with existing methods and repertoire, we began to fill in a few voids we found in the materials that were available to us as teachers. We did this by writing instructional methods and repertoire for our students. After years of writing this material, we decided it was time to share it with other teachers and students who may benefit from our work.


Steve Treseler's ambitious book, The Living Jazz Tradition, is the first of our materials to be published. It is a thorough guide to jazz improvisation. Coming in the future will be a comprehensive group and individual piano method written by Michael Stegner.


We look forward to sharing these publications with you and hearing your feedback.