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The Living Jazz Tradition (Book and Audio Files)

Steve Treseler
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The Living Jazz Tradition: A Creative Guide to Improvisation and Harmony is a comprehensive guide to playing improvised music. The material is accessible and engaging for musicians of all levels and musical backgrounds. Students are invited to explore the boundaries of their own artistry and learn the more technical elements of improvising jazz solos.


The text begins by presenting organic and engaging approaches to improvisation that encourage students to play by ear, focus on rhythm and groove, and explore creative improvisation. These concepts are integrated throughout the rest of the book. Practice points labelled “Woodshed” help students apply the information and gain confidence. The chapters progress through jazz theory and harmony with integrated repertoire and hundreds of musical examples. Students will learn how to improvise over improvise over the blues, major and minor tonalities, modal tunes, and bebop repertoire. The book includes mp3 downloads of drum grooves, drones, and rhythm section tracks.


The Living Jazz Tradition is an important step in the evolution of jazz education and pedagogy.

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Excited to get the final proof of The Living Jazz Tradition from the printer today. Well over five years since this project started for Steve and the rest of us.

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