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What's New in The Living Jazz Tradition...

We are beyond excited to announce the release of Steve Treseler's book The Living Jazz Tradition.

I can't even begin to express how hard Steve and several folks at CMA have worked to make this a reality. It's been over five years in the making and I think we have one of the best jazz improvisation books ever written. It's 250 pages of insightful and essential steps to learning to improvise creatively.

For those of you who have seen and used previous copies of The Living Jazz Tradition, you may ask is it really that different? The answer is, "Yes - it's very different."


Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Graphics - The layout and design have been redone so the book is easy on the eyes and easy to follow concepts on the page.
  • Woodshed - Steve has provided "Woodshed" sections throughout the text. These are concrete practice tips for each concept. Teachers can use these for tests and juries in their curriculum and students can use them to organize their practice time.
  • Tone - The text makes no more arguments. I believed that the book was so strong on it's own that it didn't need to point out how it was better than other jazz improv methods available. To reflect our teaching philosophy at CMA, the book has been reworked using positive encouragement to inspire student to improvise.
  • Musical Examples - Every musical example was reworked several times so that they would be very easy to read and understand. Steve also added several classical examples so less experienced jazz players would have something more familiar to relate to.
  • Website - We wanted a website that could help create a community of teachers, players and students. It's still a work in progress but we want to hear how you're using the book. We have created a forum on our site where you can share your stories of using the book and creative ways to implement the teaching points. Visit the site at
  • Audio Files - The audio files have been remastered and are no longer in CD format. Each order of the book comes with access to a free download of all the audio files in mp3 format.
  • Battle Tested - We have been testing the book in lessons and classes. This real-world feedback helped us to make some changes before we went to press.

If you would like to buy a copy now, click this link and you will be taken to a checkout.


You can read more about the book here along with some testimonials (feel free to add you testimonials and rating once you get your copy).


If you want to use the book for classes at your institution, it's best to have the students order it directly from our website instead of using your bookstore. This way the students will get the download codes for audio files directly and will avoid the large markup bookstores put on the books.


Many thanks,

Michael Stegner